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Welcome to Aashray Multispecialty Clinic

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Welcome to Aashray Multispecialty Clinic

Aashray is a concept based clinic that focuses on stress-free, pain-free and eco-friendly dentistry along with the best skin and eye treatments from eminent doctors. Co-founded by the power family whose goal is to provide excellent treatment to their clients. 

The eye department is led by an ophthalmologist/ eye surgeon Dr. Sanjay Dhawan while the dermatology is taken care of by Dr. Anjeeta Dhawan, a well-reputed Dermatologist, who practices in Delhi.

However, the field of laser dentistry is mastered by the couple Dr. Shrey Dhawan and Dr. Shamindhi Dhawan.

Educated from the top colleges and holding the experience of treating hundreds of patients daily the family excels in their respective fields.

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Why Choose Aashray Multispecialty Clinic:

We are a team of experts that excel in our respective fields of dentistry, ophthalmology and dermatology.

We believe in treating our patients in the best possible manner with the best technology and techniques that are well-trusted by millions of experts.

Opening Hours

Our Mission

We strive to make every visit for you as comfortable and effortless as we can.

From quick and easy appointments to detailed explanations and making them understand what is wrong with them and how it happened. Developing preventive practices is a major focus with all our patients. 

We dedicate time at every appointment to explain everything to the patient in order to make them feel empowered and lower their anxiety overall.

Our Services

Single Day Root Canals
Painless Dentistry
Digitally Guided Implants
3D printed crowns
Invisible Braces
Damon Braces
Laser-Assisted Extractions
Single day Implants
Laser Root Canals
Laser Bleaching / Tooth Whitening
Alopecia treatment
Instant cosmetics
Pre-bridal cosmetics
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Toning
Scar Removal

Dr Anjeeta has been a skin specialist with clients ranging from bollywood to the Indian cricket and football teams to brides and is a specialist in high level cosmetics and general dermatology.

Acne Treatment
Hair Treatment
Hair Growth
Pimples Treatment
Skin glow
Peels and Facials
Hair Growth
Skin Rejuvenation
Skin Lightening
Skin tightening
Skin irritation
Hair therapies

Dr Sanjay has been a part of the global vision 2020 project and has taken steps to eliminate blindness in over 50 countries through his projects, trainings and expertise.
He has been a consultant to max hospitals and is currently heading the Department of Opthamology at Maharaja Agrassen Hospital.

Cataract and Phaco Services
Stitchless Cataract ( Phaco)
Ortho K Lens for Myopia Correction
Lasik ( single day removal of glasses )
Femto laser
Ortho-k lenses
Coloured Lenses
Diabtetic Retinopathy Screening
Myopia Control
Eye irritation

Over 5000 patients from 15 countries

World Class Dental Clinic Chain, West Delhi, Paschim Vihar and Meera Bagh Based. We believe in clean dentistry, laser treatments, quick painless appointments and patient centred care. Our team is highly trained in a painless, economical and predictable manner.

Specialists in Lasers, Single Visit Root Canals, Dental Implants, Braces, Injury care and Panel and TPA or insurance cases.

The Best Possible Results

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Our Specialized & Experienced Team

Dr. Shrey Dhawan

Gold Medallist, MDS Endodontist, PG Dip Laser Dentistry

Dr. Shamindhi Dhawan

Gold Medallist, Cosmetic Surgery ( ILAMED, Germany ), PG Dip Implant ( USA )

Dr. Anjeeta Dhawan

Gold Medallist, MD Dermatology, Head of Dept Jaipur Golden Hospital

Dr. Sanjay Dhawan

Gold Medalist, MS Opthalmology, Head of Dept Maharaja Agrasen

Creating Smiles For A Lifetime

I was a bit apprehensive about my first RCT ever. However my experience at the clinic was wonderful. Dr Shrey was very helpful and explanatory. It was extremely nice that I could get in touch with him even between appointments without and problem. The treatment went flawlessly. Would definitely recommend. -

Ruchika Singla District Magistrate New Delhi, India

In addition to the great patient - centered dental care, one will also appreciate the atmosphere of the clinic. Glad google led me to him.

Dr Amber Ather Colorado, USA

I was happy with the way Dr Shrey treated me. Felt no pain at all, where as people who took the same treatment from other places told me its really painful. Satisfied.

Sushant Sharma Professional Footballer, New Delhi, India

I visited his clinic and got an appointment soon. I told him about eye stress and he checked my eye and prescribed one eye drop and a change in eyeglasses. Now I am fine


Great experience. SR. Shrey Dhawan is awesome. My daughter does not want to go any other dental setup except to him

Rahul Tripathi

Such a great doctor and his team, they are so understanding, friendly and professional. He has good experience and strives to be a partner in your healthcare. He explained about my condition after listening to me carefully and did a proper examination and further told me the procedure and time the treatment would take. If you want painless and fast treatment I would recommend Dr. Shrey without a second thought. Highly grateful for the experience I got today and the wide range of knowledge the team have. They are the best ever

Sonam Babbar

Yesterday, my mother got a cataract surgery from Dr. Sanjay Dhawan.He explained and suggested everything very well. He did the surgery so swiftly and it was painless. It hardly took 30mints for surgery and after 8 hour's of surgery, when Dr. Sanjay Dhawan open my mother bandage, she was able to see clearly and read small letters also. She was very scared before surgery but now she was happy with treatment and my family feel blessed that my mother's doctor is Dr. Sanjay Dhawan.

Swati Chawla

Well, hard not to be happy with a clinic that takes the pain out of dental treatments. I needed a cavity filled and Dr Shrey ensured it happened without pain. There were mild stains on my front teeth which were also cleaned in no time. Hope none of you ever have to go to a dentist, but if you have to, strongly recommend Dr Shrey Dhawan's clinic

Vikramjeet Singh Celebrity Stand-up Comedian, Def Colony, New Delhi, India

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    Aashray Multispeciality is one of a kind clinic that specializes in treating its patients with the best doctors and specialists in respective fields.

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